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Why I designed my own 3D printer extruderFrom the blog

About me:

I am passionate about robotics and automation. I love to create and to bring contraptions to life. I am a roboticist, a maker, a programmer, a self-hoster, and an avid 3D printer. I was very involved with a robotics group during my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, and my master's in computer software also had a large robotics component. I have recently finished my master's and am looking for employment in robotics or programming.

Image of the custom extruder I designed, the subject of this blog postDesigning My Own Extruder Was a Horrible IdeaFeatured blog post

I discuss the custom extruder I designed for my delta 3D printer.

Lorem IpsumNextcloud CookbookFeatured open-source project

I am an avid user and frequent contributor to the Nextcloud Cookbook project.

Screenshot of the rust-motd softwarerust-motdFeatured GitHub project

My introduction to Rust was to build this beautiful MOTD generator with a good friend of mine.